Sleeker, slimmer Contracts!

Brisbane CBD residential sales contracts will look like they've just won the 'Biggest Loser' from August 1.

Showing off their 'new look', it's one very welcome big step towards cutting down the red tape and mountains of paperwork within Queensland residential unit contracts.


Apartment contracts of over 150 pages are no rarity in the CBD.
Try scanning and sending them ... and the seller scanning/sending it all back.

Buyers and sellers also had to initial every single page.
Failure to initial or sign just one page could jeopardise the validity of the contract!

It's not only time-consuming, it's an administration nightmare if just ONE of these pages gets lost in transmission, as you can then start the process all over again.

The main reason is the Community Management Scheme (CMS) documentation which must be included as part of the contract. For big CBD high-rises, such as Aurora, this 'War and Peace'-sized inclusion is a huge headache for real estate agents (who prepare the contract in Queensland), buyers, seller and solicitors / conveyancers.


From August 1 the CMS does not have to be included in the residential sales contract.

This will save forests of paperwork and printing, as well as simplifying the whole process, saving time and reducing errors in transmission and hold-ups in the contract process – and helping buyers/sellers avoid writer's cramp.

Buyers can still obtain a CMS at their own discretion, if desired.

A big 'thumbs up' from me .. and all other sellers, buyers, agents and solicitors who have experienced the above!


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