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Queens Wharf Update: Pedestrian Bridge Design Unveiled & More

The design of Brisbane’s newest and widely debated $100m Neville Bonner Bridge was been unveiled. The pedestrian bridge will connect the $3.6 billion Queen’s Wharf Integrated Resort to South Bank. 


The design announcement has happened just in time, as the contract to build the bridge is set to be awarded shortly. The bridge has been named after Australia’s first Indigenous parliamentarian, and is predicted to create approximately 100 jobs.


Construction on the bridge will start early next year, with completion expected mid-2022. 


Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones told the new connection of the Brisbane River has been discussed since 2001. 

“This brand new bridge will deliver around 1.4 million additional people, we expect to use the bridge each and every year crossing between, as I said, the north of the river and South Bank," she said.


Other updates from the Queen’s Wharf development:


Building works

Foundation works for the cores of the lifts for The Star Grant Hotel, Towers 2 and 3 are underway. Once this step is done, structural and foundation work can be started for the basement.  


In the next few weeks, access to the site via the William Street exit will be removed so foundation work for the footing pads and concrete slabs for the Tower on the Elizabeth Street side can commence. 


The first of seven satellite concrete pumps are being installed, three of which will be permanent pump stations. A mammoth amount of the concrete to the tune of 180,000m3 will be poured during constructions of the four towers. 


Maritime Work

Last week, a 75m x 30m metre barge moved onto the Brisbane River, the vessel so big a Harbour Master Pilot was required to steer into the correct position.  Two smaller barges will also be used to provide support to the main barge with pilling activities. Work will also commence to improve the current Finger Wharves underneath the Riverside Expressway which will allow for vessels to berth temporarily at the Queen’s Wharf site. 


The Landing

Possibly the most interesting of the parks to be included the development, this space will be built out over the water’s edge and will include 160 steel piles into the Brisbane River and a 6,500sqm suspended concrete structure over the water. Temporary fencing has been installed at the site.  

The Landing is expected to be opened with the entire development in late 2022. 


Other Outdoor Spaces


Waterline Park: The large recreational space beneath the Riverside Expressway is in the closing stages with landscaping and civil works in finalisation stage, and rubber soft-fall and park equipment to be installed in the not too distant future. 


Bicentennial Bikeway: The first sections are nearing completion with surface prep, line marking and painting having their final touches. 


Mangrove Walk: Once again, nearly complete. Final works in progress for the Boathouse Pavilion and sheltered resting points.


The above public space elements are due for opening before the end of the year. 


Hannah Schuhmann said while the bridge has been controversial on some fronts, it will be another point where tourists and residents can explore more of the city which can only be a good thing!


Tourism numbers and expenditure is strong, plus with huge projects on the horizon including the above-mentioned Queen's Wharf, Cross River Rail, and the Brisbane Quarter to name but a few, we are well on our way to being a World City!


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