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And…“The Winner is South-East Queensland”?

It’s hard to forget the incredible announcement when Sydney won the bid to host the 2000 Olympics! Will it be South-East Queensland’s turn in 2032?


A potential bid to host the 2032 Olympics is gathering momentum, with LNP deputy leader Tim Mander jumping on the bandwagon after once labelling the suggestion a “pie in the sky idea,” reports


With the Queensland economy at the forefront of Mr Mander’s change of heart, he also suggested the infrastructure benefits from hosting games in the south-east corner would actually help to “bust congestion.”  


The Council of Mayors SEQ conducted an initial feasibility study with the results showing an operating budget of $5.3 billion; $1.7 billion of this would be contributed by the International Olympic Committee and $2.7 billion of domestic revenue, which would leave a $900 million net cost. In comparison, the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018 had a $1.2 billion net cost. On the up side, the predicted economic uplift to the region is estimated at $22 billion. 


In an untraditional move, the proposal by SEQ Mayors suggested the games be spread across various regions of the south-east including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and inland. It is predicted the games would bring an additional 100,000 visitors to the area plus the 10,000+ athletes.


Earlier this month, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk met with International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach. The Australian reported Mr Bach dismissed the idea it is too soon for Australia to host another Olympics after Sydney. 


The decision to make a formal bid does not have to be confirmed until next year, but state and federal governments will need to make a decision earlier as to whether they will support it and at what level. 


Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates told the publication the feasibility study that has already been done is a great step in the right direction and they are very pleased with preparation thus far. 


“The feasibility study that has been undertaken over the last two years addressed much of that dialogue we have been encouraging,” said Mr Coates. 


An opinion piece written for said the Olympic bid should be perused “not because of potential sporting achievements or international recognition, but because of the injection of infrastructure funds that we would otherwise not receive.”


Interestingly, The Australian reported earlier this month that the south-east has the potential to run a “cost-neutral games” with regards to operational expenses. This contradicts the original research conducted by the Mayors’ with an outcome of $900 million in operating expenses.


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