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Brisbane Property A Top Target For Investors

Momentum Wealth surveyed  483 investors across the nation, which resulted in Perth (36%) and Brisbane (33%) as their top choice for property investment in our capital cities. 


Team Leader of Momentum Wealth’s buyer’s agents, Emma Everett, told Media Net growth opportunities and affordability are key factors.


“Whilst both markets offer strong levels of affordability compared to Sydney and Melbourne, they also hold promising opportunities for long-term growth, with Brisbane already experiencing overall price growth and areas of Perth performing strongly as the market enters its recovery,” she said. 


Property Observer columnist Terry Ryder wrote an article this week indicating leading economists such as Westpac’s Bill Evans’ are over estimating the doom and gloom of property prices, and “what should concern them is their disturbing lack of knowledge about residential real estate markets.” 


Ryder indicates where property prices have fallen considerably, these are in the minority. The latest Hotspotting report of sales activity and prices for every town in the country shows that only 8.5% of locations are “danger” markets where vacancies are rising, prices are down and demand is falling. 


Comparatively, 20.5% of location are strongly increasing. Those towns that don’t sit in the figures just mentioned (which is the majority), are markets where they have solid prices and good demand. 


“Most markets around the nation have prices that are rising or are holding firm. “


Ryder said Brisbane is holding strong. 


“Brisbane overall is not rising strongly with prices, but it’s not falling either – and individual pockets are out-performing. It’s not hard to find suburbs where median prices have risen in double digits in the past year.”


Another interesting point in the Momentum Wealth survey showed that in the past 12 months to November 2018, 67% of people who took the survey had reviewed their loans, which is up 8% on results from the previous year. 


Hannah Schuhmann said Brisbane CBD is a great choice for property investment. A two bedroom apartment in the high-quality Felix building is available for $435,000 which would provide an approximate 4% net return for a savvy investor. 


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