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2019 looking bright for Brisbane apartment market

A recent report from Moody’s Analytics predicts Brisbane apartment prices are set to increase, reports


The 2019 forecast predicts as new apartment stock reduces (from the apparent oversupply that has been reported in recent years), inner city apartment values are expected to accelerate, while house prices in that same area may underperform.


"A reduced apartment glut will likely usher in a broad-based recovery in apartment values from 2019 onward," according to the report authors.


Brisbane as a whole has witnesses its strongest growth since 2012, with the improved services sector a key factor in this.


Later last year, Moody’s Analytics Economist, Katrina Ell, told that Brisbane apartments should see steady growth.


“Brisbane is in a pretty good spot in that its economy is quite diversified … and that’s going to propel income growth and, more broadly, apartment growth heading into next year and beyond.”


Head of CoreLogic Research, Tim Lawless told the publication there is good news to come for apartment owners.


“Brisbane is really displaying its resilience, partly thanks to having a sustainable growth rate over the past five to 10 years.


“We haven’t seen the same wealth creation effect as in Sydney and Melbourne, but the silver lining is we haven’t seen housing affordability deteriorate and now the housing market nationally is in a downturn but Brisbane isn’t showing that trend,” said Mr Lawless.


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