No cars + dedicated cycle lanes for Victoria Bridge

Cyclists are set to benefit from redesign of the Brisbane CBD Victoria Bridge with dedicated off-road lanes for cyclists to be included as part of the Brisbane Metro project, reports


The cycle lanes (one in each direction) will be painted a distinctive green, and the previous four lanes for bus and metro transport will reduce to three.  The bridge will be classified as a ‘green’ bridge with cars to be eliminated from the traffic flow.

                                                                                                                                      reports the new design will improve Southbank to city access for cyclists and is welcomed by local cycling groups. Bicycle Queensland's Anne Savage estimates that cycle traffic across the bridge may increase by double to around 1600 cycle trips per day.


Deputy mayor Adrian Schrinner told the the $944 million Brisbane Metro project will “revolutionise” city travel.


“Council will undertake further community engagement on the changes to the Victoria Bridge and Melbourne Street pedestrian and cyclist access, and inner-city traffic network over the coming weeks," Cr Schrinner told


Expressions of interest have been submitted from 5 parties to build the Brisbane Metro infrastructure. Work for the project is expected to commence in 2019, with an anticipated completion of the end of 2022.


An artist impression fly through of the new bridge configuration can be found at


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