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  • Which property should I buy?

    ... is the question asked by countless property buyers, not only to themselves but also to friends, family and real estate agents too. It's not rare that property buyers ask me this right at the beginning of the buying process, before they've started the...
  • Hannah's Tip of the Week

    Furnished unit for SMSF:If a property is furnished, the furniture package must not be included in the purchase price or contract. Check further details with your financial adviser or accountant...
  • The figures have itl! Best of ABS statistics

    How do you make sense of the hundreds of reports and statistics produced monthly, quarterly and yearly by the Australian Bureau of Statistics?How can they help property buyers? and why are these statistics not always useful? It amazes me how many of thes...
  • Liveability: key to Brisbane CBD's future

    An exciting city with Liveability at its heart - is what we can expect of Brisbane's CBD within the next 20 years, according to the recently released City Centre Master Plan. Business and commerce are and will always be crucial to the role of Brisbane's ...
  • Hannah's Tip of the Week

    Appraisal Price: One bed apartment owners with no carspace: Check with your agent that the appraised price does not include a carspace. A carspace would increase the price by around $60K-80K depending on the location....
  • Hannah’s 5 Tips for Buyers

    Recently I put aside my 'real estate' agent hat and put on my 'buyer'-hat when attending a nearby auction. Interesting it was, and made me decide to focus this week on what my buyers are telling me and what I'm experiencing too in the CBD at present. Her...