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  • The Story behind the Bridge

    Now dwarfed by the cityscape, Brisbane's iconic bridge is way more than a tourist attraction - and it has a surprisingly practical purpose for CBD apartment buyers. Climbing to the top* last week, it was awe-inspiring to look over to the city and reflect...
  • The early bird catches the worm

    On the back of recent gradual increases in consumer confidence the current 'wait and see' approach towards the property market may actually mean that some may miss the boat. We just need to open the daily newspapers to see the current media focus - polit...
  • Hannah's Tip of the Week

    Loans/Rates website tipOne of my favourite websites, when looking for the whole cross-section of loans, insurance and rates, is . It's one of the most comprehensive websites of its kind....
  • Rebounding Residential Rentals

    It's unusual for weekly rents to outstrip housing price growth, however we're currently at the end of such a cycle. Even more interesting, from an investor's view, is the performance of the gross rental growth over time, and this has been steadily increa...
  • Lowdown on Loans: Q&A clarifies

    It's only when people have actually started searching for their new home / investment property that many of them start looking at getting a loan. What may seem very straight forward then often ends  up with a few hitches and/or delays. Why? It's usu...